Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations

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Best places to study abroad in 2024

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page!” - Saint Augustine

Finished high school, and excited about starting your oh-so-good college life? Imagine if you’re all set to enjoy this rollercoaster journey in a foreign land! Doesn’t that sound even more adventurous? Not just textbooks, you’d be studying street signs and city maps too! This life-changing decision will grant you a global perspective, learning in a diverse classroom, and international experience. With new friends, obviously! You get to be independent, learn more about yourself and show your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and learn new stuff!

But the big question is: WHERE TO STUDY?

  • What is the best study abroad destination?

  • Which country will offer the course I’m looking for?

  • Where to go if you don’t wish to stay too far from your homeland?

  • Which country should I choose if I’m on a budget? Well, we have the answers you’ve been looking for! The choice is all yours. However, we are here to provide ample choices of the most preferred study abroad destinations in 2024.

We’ve unveiled the mysteries and have the top 10 picks for you!

  • USA: Obviously! The Sates don’t deserve to feel left out. Being the top choice for Indian students, America has the perfect blend of vast educational scope and a dynamic learning environment. With prestigious universities and research-oriented learning, the education system in the US is highly innovative. Their focused approach and priority to innovation make them one of the most sought-after countries to study and work abroad. With affordable options like community colleges and state schools, education in the USA is becoming accessible to all.

  • UK: Namaste London didn’t just make us fall for Katrina, but the UK too! Let’s admit, we all wish to explore the place more! The UK proudly boasts globally recognised institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, showcasing the country’s rich academic heritage and attracting Indian students. Cultural diversity and emphasis on practical learning also add to the reason for Indian students eyeing to study in the UK. Considered the birthplace of university learning, the UK has been leading higher education for centuries.

  • Canada: Known for its welcoming and inclusive natives as well as the spike in Punjabi population, Canada entails high-quality education and a focus on research and innovation. With universities emphasising research and innovation, Canada offers different scholarships and work opportunities post-graduation. Studying in Canada provides access to top-notch universities, a diverse environment, and a wide variety of delicious food and alluring landscapes.

  • Australia: Dynamic academic environment, world-class universities, exceptional research opportunities, breathtaking landscapes & kangaroos! That’s Australia for you! Their high-quality education system, spectacular natural landscapes, and multicultural society make it an attractive destination for Indian students. Time to strap on your boots, mate!

  • Germany: Germany has become an attractive destination for Indian students seeking quality education with comparatively lower costs. Renowned for engineering, technology, and management programs, German universities offer a diverse range of courses taught in English. Additionally, the country's robust economy and opportunities for internships and part-time jobs make it appealing for Indian students looking for practical exposure. Excited to hear the sound of tinkling beer glasses at Oktoberfest or the smooth acceleration of a premium car on the Autobahn?

  • UAE: Emerging as one of the new top favourites, UAE is known for quality education in a diverse classroom. The rapid modernisation in the Emirates has resulted in the establishment of numerous prestigious institutions. In addition, the economic growth and UAE’s overall development, its international reputation as a business hub, accessibility, geographical location, security, multicultural affiliations, relaxed labour laws, migration opportunities, quality of life and educational opportunities create bountiful jobs for all and attract international students to thrive in a rich culture. Habibi, study in Dubai!

  • Ireland: A study abroad experience with a cultural twist? Sign us in! With a reputation of academic excellence, Ireland provides enormous opportunities for international students. From numerous scholarships to easy post-study work visa, to the establishment of top universities, Ireland has it all! A pint of Guinness, a little bit of blarney, ancient castles and a rich literature heritage, we’re ready!

  • Netherlands: If you wish to study with a scenic setup of shimmering canals or cozy cafes, you should consider studying in the Netherlands. The country’s education system implements innovative teaching methods with a majority of courses available in English. Get ready to cycle through tulip fields by day and tackle coursework by night!

  • France: If you’re eager to learn why France is the world’s most popular tourist destination, feel free to choose the charm of Paris or more rustic locations like the French Riviera and Provence. A visit to any corner of France will help you see how food, fashion, fine wines and famed landmarks make visiting France an unforgettable experience. Learn in a society that is multicultural and open, with affordable study programs, and endless international career opportunities along with the romantic Eiffel Tower too!

  • Singapore: A welcoming environment, abundant job opportunities, exciting international lifestyle, high-quality education, excellent healthcare and safety: that’s Singapore for you! and not to miss the Universal Studios!! With English being the medium of education, international students find it easy to adapt to the changes in Asia’s premier education hub. The country provides a diverse mix of educational services along with brimming job opportunities. We’re finding our university right away!

Whether you choose to fly to any of these countries, or have a completely unique pick for your study abroad destination, Lorien will fulfil your wish and help you fly to your preferred foreign land! Connect with us today and let us handle all your stress while you pack your bags freely dreaming of achieving big!

Preparing for study abroad? Things you should know!

Preparing for study abroad? Things you should know!...

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Studying abroad can be life-changing. Research culture, laws, pack essentials for a successful experience.

The Ultimate Study Abroad packing list

The Ultimate Study Abroad packing list...

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Congratulations! You got your offer letter as well as visa approval, and are finally ready to fly to your dream study destination. Excited enough?


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