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Embark on a journey of foreign exchange (Forex) with our fun and straightforward Forex card for international students!

Say goodbye to confusing financial terms and hello to the best Forex card for students. While exploring new cities or indulging in local cuisines, our Forex cards will help you manage your money abroad effortlessly. From understanding exchange rates to handling currency conversions, let’s get you ready to navigate the global financial landscape confidently.

So, are you ready to make your Forex experience abroad simple, enjoyable, and stress-free?

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How to get the best forex card for international students?

Before getting the best forex card for students, understand the following:

  • Exchange Rates: Compare rates and markup fees to reduce currency conversion costs.
  • Fee Structure: Evaluate issuance, reloading, ATM withdrawal, and transaction fees for transparent pricing.
  • Accepted Currencies: Ensure the card supports currencies relevant to your study abroad destination.
  • Security Features: Prioritise cards with EMV chips, PIN protection, and fraud monitoring.
  • Ease of Transactions: Look for cards enabling ATM withdrawals, online payments, and transaction alerts.
  • Reload Options: Check for convenient reloading methods like online payments or mobile apps.
  • Customer Support: Review the issuer's customer service quality, responsiveness, and availability.
  • Travel Insurance: Some cards offer travel insurance, including medical assistance and lost luggage coverage.
  • Emergency Assistance: Verify emergency services like card replacement and cash disbursement.
  • Transaction Limits: Understand limits for withdrawals, POS transactions, and online payments to match your needs.

Or connect with Lorien Finance and be assured to get the best forex card for Indian students.

Why contact Lorien to get a forex card for students?

Obtaining the best Forex card for students can be daunting due to various market players and complex terms. That's where Lorien shines!

Lorien excels in providing top-notch Forex card solutions for students. Just fill out our application form, and we'll handle the rest. Our dedicated Forex consultants will promptly assist you, ensuring a seamless experience.

Forex Card vs International Debit/Credit Card

Let's look at the differences between a forex card and an international debit or credit card.

  • There is no issuance fee paid while getting a forex card for international students, while you will have to pay 500-1500 INR as an issuance fee while getting an international card.
  • Forex cards for international students offer fixed exchange rates at the moment of registration without any additional costs. In contrast, international debit and credit cards do not provide fixed exchange rates, resulting in varying rates depending on the prevailing highest rates for the day. This can sometimes be a hefty charge.
  • Forex cards for students are not subjected to additional conversion charges, while a cross-currency markup of 4-6% applies to international cards.

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It was a good experience with Lorien Finance throughout the process they helped me in every step and made the process hassle-free and helped me to g...

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Bringing answers to your questions

How do I load funds onto my Forex card for students?
You can load funds onto your forex card for students by logging into your account on the bank's website or mobile app. You can then select the amount you wish t...see more.
Is there any fees associated with using a forex card for students?
Yes, there may be fees associated with using a forex card for students, including issuance fees, reload fees, transaction fees, ATM withdrawal fees, and currenc...see more.
Can I use my Forex card for students for online transactions?
If your forex card is activated to perform online transactions, then you shouldn't have any problems using it. Most forex cards for international students can b...see more.

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