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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

Congratulations! You got your offer letter as well as visa approval, and are finally ready to fly to your dream study destination. Excited enough? Let’s quickly complete the only task left: packing! Let’s roll our clothes to save space and make that suitcase look like a burrito of adventure! We know you’re thinking your suitcase is going to be your portable home for the next few years. Don’t be puzzled! All you need, is a comprehensive list of what to pack and what not to miss, and we are here to help you out!

Before You Start Packing
  • Check your passport’s expiration date and ensure its valid 6 months beyond from the date of your entry into the new country.

  • Stay updated about all the rules and regulations of your host country’s travel protocols as well as the luggage restrictions with the airline you’re flying in.

  • Arrange your accommodation and travel from the airport to the accommodation in advance.

  • Prepare a packing list to smoothly complete the task.

Steps to Pack Right Essentials When Going Abroad to Study
Step 1: Choose the right luggage

For your study abroad journey to almost all countries across the globe, most airlines permit two checkin bags of not more than 23kg, a carry-on bag weighing no more than 7kg along with a laptop bag/ purse/backpack.

When choosing the luggage, ensure the ease of carrying them as you will carry them yourself. Whether you opt for a hard-shell trolley with 4 wheels for your check-in bags or a soft-shell trolley with 2 wheels, make sure you are able to juggle them all up at the airport yourself. Also, every additional kg, or every additional baggage apart from the 3 mentioned by your airline, would be charged extra. The cost of an overweight bag can start at $100 and go up, depending on how overweight the bag is. So, pack wisely!

Step 2: Organise before packing
  • Create an online file storage, like Google Drive, to store all your documents safely.

  • Book your accommodation well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle once you land in the host country.

  • Ensure your baggage weight and quantity conform to the luggage restrictions mentioned by the airline to avoid extra costs.

  • Make sure you’re not carrying any items in your bags that aren’t allowed while travelling to avoid delays.

Step 3: Classify items for carry-on and check-in baggage

While travelling through an airplane, the airlines provide you with 2 major luggage options: carry-on and check-in bags. You can utilise both of them for maximum storage, depending on your destination and the airline.

A carry-on bag is the luggage that you can take and store with you in the flight. It’s smaller in size and can be stored either in the compartments over your flight seat or under your seat. You can carry no more than 7-10kgs (depending on the airline) in a carry-on bag.

A check-in bag is the luggage you deposit at the airport to be stored in the cargo section of the airplane. It’s bigger than a carry-on bag and can weigh around 23kgs. There are several items that cannot be carried in the carry-on bag and vice-versa. Thus, carefully go through the baggage restrictions to avoid any misunderstandings.

For reference, you should store the following things in your carry-on luggage:

  • All electronic gadgets

  • Important documents

  • Cash

  • Prescribed medications, if any

Everything else goes in your check-in luggage.

Important Check-in Luggage Checklist

Jumping to the ‘what do you bring to your new home away from home’ topic, let’s outline the essentials you will have to carry. Let’s prepare for this treasure hunt, except the treasure is the experience and the map is your overstuffed luggage. Our study abroad packing checklist helps you to pack all the essential things required for your study abroad journey. No more trying to decide between ‘need’ and ‘want’ items, the ultimate battle of priorities!

No more attempts to fit your life into a suitcase!

Aced the art of packing for studying abroad with Lorien’s study abroad packing checklist? At Lorien, we promise to assist you throughout your study abroad journey from application tracking to financing your education to visa assistance to helping you find the most feasible accommodation. Connect with our expert counsellors today to help you with each and every step of your journey!

Preparing for study abroad? Things you should know!

Preparing for study abroad? Things you should know!...

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Studying abroad can be life-changing. Research culture, laws, pack essentials for a successful experience.

Finance Your study abroad dreams

Finance Your study abroad dreams...

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Does this inspire you and make you think of flying to different countries for your education? Well, what if we tell you, it is all possible! Any part of the world, the course of your choice, the university of your dreams!


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