Preparing for study abroad? Things you should know!

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You finally found the most suitable study abroad program that aligns with your goals in the country of your preference? Congratulations! We couldn’t be happier! Now that you have the acceptance letter in your hands, it’s time for you to take a breath, and figure out all you would require while preparing to embark on this journey to a foreign land. What to handle first the accommodation or the tickets or the insurance? What all documents would you need to pack? How to handle money when you’re in another country? We know, all these questions along with a lot more aren’t letting you sleep. Relax! All you’ve got to do: follow Honey Singh when he said “Hold on, easy! Take your ID, passport, credit card, passcode, your zipper & slipper….”

Still puzzled? Let’s help you out! While you’re waiting for the summer to pass and for your course to roll on up, you may want to follow our Study Abroad Checklist to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for your trip.

  • Make sure your passport, Visa and Insurance are ready!

The primary thing to ensure when flying to an overseas destination is your passport. Double check your passport’s expiration date and make sure it will last you well beyond the duration of your abroad education. If you’ve procured your study visa, superb! If not, open up a new tab to search for your destination’s study visa requirement and process or get in touch with your University coordinator. Moreover, most abroad countries require you to have adequate health insurance before you visit. Ensure your health insurance covers medical emergencies and is accepted by your study destination.

  • Secure your flight tickets in time!

As the time to fly to your dream study destination is nearing, you should aim at booking your flight tickets well in advance to find the best prices. Make sure of exploring your University calendar to check the exact dates of your course’s commencement. Also keep in mind several factors including the luggage allowance, travel documents and more for a smooth journey to your study abroad destination.

  • Research about the host country

If you wish to have an exceptional start to your study abroad game, conduct a detailed research on your destination country. Gather information from travel guides, your university’s pages, forums and people who studied in your dream country. Learn about cultural norms and etiquette in your destination country to avoid unintentional offence and to better integrate into the local community.

  • Plan your finances

Once you’ve estimated the overall cost of studying abroad, it’s time to set a realistic and optimistic budget, so you know how much you can save or how much you may need to spend in the worst case, i.e. you know how deep is your pocket. By carefully managing your expenses and making conscious spending decisions, you can make the most of your budget while studying abroad and enjoy a fulfilling experience without breaking the bank.

  • Stay updated with the foreign exchange rates

When flying to a different country, remember that their currency would differ from yours. Don’t commit the mistake of assuming that the US dollar will have the same value when you fly to your study destination as it did when you checked the value 6 months ago. Staying informed and proactive about exchange rates, will help you manage your finances better and make strategic decisions to maximise the value of your money while studying abroad.

  • Arrange your accommodation

Arranging accommodation for your abroad study program requires careful planning and consideration. Start by researching options keeping in mind the location, proximity to campus, cost, amenities and more such factors. Once you find a suitable housing option, make sure of booking it well in advance to secure your spot. Carefully review your rental agreements to understand all relevant details before signing it.

  • Set a GOAL

Setting goals while studying abroad can enhance your experience and help you make the most of your time in a new environment. Some international students are pretty determined about what they want to do abroad, but it isn’t a big deal if you do not have your life goals set in your early twenties. Begin by reflecting on what you hope to achieve during your time in the foreign land. Make your goals SMART and prioritise them throughout your journey. Blind horses don’t get far, do they? Avoid being clueless and make the most of your study abroad experience that will benefit you long after you return home.

  • Discover ways of staying in touch

Before you hop on that flight, figure out communication tools that could help you stay connected to your family from your destination country. Keep your loved ones updated about your experiences and achievements while studying abroad. Finally, show appreciation for the support and encouragement your family provides while you’re studying abroad!

At LORIEN FINANCE, we understand that it is a transformative experience that offers boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth. From navigating new cultures to mastering academic challenges, each aspect of studying abroad presents a chance for self-discovery and enrichment. By embracing these experiences with an open mind and a willingness to learn, you'll return home not only with memories to cherish but also with valuable skills, perspectives, and connections that will last a lifetime.

Lorien supports you throughout your study abroad journey to help you seize the opportunity, embrace the adventure, and embark on a journey of discovery that will shape your future in ways you never imagined!

The Ultimate Study Abroad packing list

The Ultimate Study Abroad packing list...

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Congratulations! You got your offer letter as well as visa approval, and are finally ready to fly to your dream study destination. Excited enough?

Finance Your study abroad dreams

Finance Your study abroad dreams...

Lorien Finance
Lorien Finance

Does this inspire you and make you think of flying to different countries for your education? Well, what if we tell you, it is all possible! Any part of the world, the course of your choice, the university of your dreams!


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