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Lorien Finance

Finally! Your dream to study in the USA is about to come true. You must be excited and nervous about embarking on this lifetime journey, especially to make the most out of it. After all, not everyone gets to live the "American Dream"!

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you fly to the country. So whether you're going for your bachelor's degree, master's program, or even Ph.D., read this article to know essential things before traveling to the states for your study abroad trip!

Research the Country

First, you must research the country to know about its culture, people, weather, economy, government, etc. Remember, you can't show up without having a basic idea about the country. It will help you cope with culture shock better and adjust quickly to your new life.

Furthermore, you must also keep yourself abreast of the current affairs of the USA, read travel guides, and watch Hollywood movies. Besides, if you know someone living in the USA, it would be a cherry on the cake. They can tell you many tips and tricks about local life that you might not even find on the internet. 

Basic Habits and Etiquette

Learning some of the essential habits and etiquette of the USA is crucial. Many things differ from culture to culture, and something considered polite in one country can be seen as impolite in another.

For example, In Japan, tipping a waiter or waitress can be treated as an insult in many situations. However, in the USA, tipping is obligatory, and you may have to leave a gratuity of 15-25% to the waiter or waitress for their service.

Another thing that you need to take care of while studying in the USA is maintaining punctuality. Americans value time, and any delay or lateness can be interpreted as rudeness. So, make sure to show up early anywhere, be it your college classes or any significant event. However, lateness can be acceptable in large social gatherings!

Pack Light

It is tempting to load your suitcases with everything you can think of, but you should always carry only essentials with you. There are many reasons to pack lightly!

Firstly, airports have a luggage weight limit. If you exceed that, it will be chargeable. Secondly, carrying multiple bags to a foreign country is not convenient and puts you at risk of lost, damaged, or stolen luggage. Finally, you can always buy anything you need in the USA as almost everything is available here!


Now that you are moving to the USA be it in your student housing in New York or Los Angeles, you should do a few things to take care of your finances, like notifying your current bank about your plans to shift to the USA for your higher education. Otherwise, they will consider it a fraud, and you will get locked out of your account.

Secondly, you should convert your money into US dollars at the local bank (preferably) or airport and take it with you. During the initial days, figuring out the ATM or bank might take some time, and you will need some money as soon as you arrive in the country, like paying for your cab fare, food, etc. 

Moreover, after having an address in the USA, you should open a local bank account there as it will be convenient and help you avoid foreign currency charges. Meanwhile, you can also get a traveller's cheque or a forex card. 

Final Takeaway!

Pursuing your higher education in the USA can be expensive, so instead of going straight for student loans, try applying for various scholarships. Besides, you can work part-time to offset the high cost of living in the country!

Overall, the USA is a beautiful country to live in as an international student. It is almost always called the best study abroad destination in the world that helps students thrive personally and professionally. So savor this opportunity and make the best use of it. 

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