We’ve been there, done that!

So we understand how important this is for you. It’s not just a loan. It’s not doing it alone.


We are a country of talented and brilliant minds whose potential is just waiting to be tapped into. International education offers the opportunity to hone this talent and bring it to the global forefront, but in most cases, financial hurdles hold the students back from achieving their dreams.

Enter Lorien Finance.

Ours is a cross border fintech platform that aims to make education loans more accessible, more feasible and less costly for students.

Our approach is data driven and our thinking is forward looking. While most banks and lenders look at collateral before sanctioning a loan, we evaluate the potential of each student and their future employability while taking our decisions.

Going abroad for studies is a big milestone in any student’s academic journey, and we ensure that there aren’t any financial roadblocks along the way. From providing education loans at lower interest rates to helping you open a bank account in the U.S.

We are on a mission to solve an important social problem, by empowering our students to achieve their dreams and bring their talent to the limelight.

Our team has decades of global experience in the financial services industry working as operators, advisors, risk managers & entrepreneurs.

Nikhil Mudgal
Founder & CEO

Nikhil comes with 13+ years of experience in investment banking and lending industry having worked across the U.S. and Europe with big banks including Goldman Sachs, Jefferies and PNC. His core sector focus was lending for banks & digital lenders which enabled him to develop relationships with international debt providers (banks, private credit funds, etc.). He brings deep banking and capital markets relationships with the operating knowledge of running a lending/banking business.

Gaurav Arya
Head of Business Development

Gaurrav brings over 13 years of experience in Business Development, Strategy, and Operations in consumer internet and financial services sector in India. Gaurrav successfully co-founded a consumer retail startup which was eventually bought by PayTM. Along with demonstrating multi-faceted leadership expertise in high-profile executive roles, Gaurav is an expert in driving efficiency and growth in revenues, profitability and general administration.

Vishal Mundhra

Vishal brings 14 years of experience as a Product Manager and Business Technology Consultant with expertise in Blockchain, Lending, E-Commerce, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), User Interface & User Experience. He co-founded and successfully exited from a consumer retail startup in India. Vishal has a strong experience in product development, client management, technology strategy, business transformation, and pre/post sales IT.